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Frequently Asked Question’s

What happens after I submit my Inquiry for Membership?

Upon completion of your online inquiry, you will receive a link to complete a full application for enrollment. Upon receipt of your completed application and membership fee, you will then receive a Welcome to Princess Purpose Membership Packet. 

Is there an Application Fee?

Yes. There is a yearly non-refundable application fee ($25) payable via PayPal.  This fee covers the costs of all workshops and materials for the fiscal year. 

When and where are the workshops hosted?

Our member-based workshops are held on a monthly basis in Delaware County, PA.  These workshops are also open to non-members for a small fee. Pre-Registration is required. 

Our non-member workshops are mobile and facilitated for outside organizations where there is a need. 

Does my child have to attend every workshop?

While we prefer your child to attend every workshop to get the most out of the program, we understand that there may be times this is not possible. If you cannot attend, we ask that you advise us ahead of time.